The NMGC awards publication grants, funded by the WMS initiative to the MYOLOGY DEVELOPMENT ACROSS THE WORLD.

For the NMC 2022 Congress will support up to 10 publication grants awarded to help researchers and postdoctors who attend the NMGC WORKSHOP to publish their manuscript.

Applicants who which to attend the workshop should register to the NMGC and submit an abstract.through the following link


The Scientific Committee selects the workshop attandees based on the quality of the abstracts submitted and relevance to the neuromuscular genetics topic.

The publication grant will go to the awardee personally and not to an institution/ organisation etc. If the applicant is unable to accept the payment due to their organisation’s rules, then an application should not be made to begin with.

Only one publication grant per person will be paid, even if several abstracts are submitted.

Applicants will fill a form after the workshop to be filled in by the successful applicant with bank details and payment .LATEST STORIES